Can Online Gambling Pay for your Home?

Posted on May 30, 2017 11:02 AM EDT
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The short answer is "no". Online casino games do have the potential to pay out amazing prizes, often large enough for you to buy not only a condo but a luxury mansion. They are, in turn, far too unpredictable to be considered a viable method of making money, which makes them unfit for anything but entertainment. And that's OK, really, as that is their ultimate goal: to entertain.

Prizes big enough to buy a house

Out of the thousands of online casino games out there, there are a select few with prizes big enough for you to buy a house. The 7Sultans Casino, for example, offers its players quite a few games with such big prizes. Major Millions, for example, has a six-figure jackpot that it pays out relatively often. Those who routinely play exciting new games at 7Sultans casino online often choose another, far more generous game called Mega Moolah. During its history, Mega Moolah has paid out jackpots worth hundreds of millions, being responsible for the largest ever online progressive jackpot win (October 2015), and the largest ever mobile jackpot payment (August 2016). The 7Sultans' most generous game has paid out a seven-figure jackpot this March, turning a lucky player's dreams into reality.

Games of the unpredictable

While gambling might sound like an attractive way to raise cash for your reality investment, we would advise against it. Gambling might sound like an easy way to raise cash but it's far too unpredictable to be a reliable source of funds. Gambling games are unpredictable by design. One of the reasons for their fairness (meaning randomness in this case) is that they are required by law to be so. Operators like the 7Sultans have to obtain a license to be able to offer their services to the public, and these licenses stipulate, among others, that all their games need to be completely random. The randomness of the games and the integrity of the random number generators - computers built with the sole purpose to generate certified random numbers - is verified every six months.

Casino games do offer players the chance to win big - but that's all they do. They don't guarantee anything, and most of the times their outcome can't be influenced by strategies and skill.

Why do people gamble then?

Well, the goal of most people turning to gambling is not money making - it's the need for a specific type of entertainment. Casinos are entertainment service providers, and their customers are seeking entertainment in a form they need. Risk-taking, anticipation, fun, and stepping out of the daily routine - these are the things casino games offer. And people should not play with them seeking anything else.

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