Last year Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber were surrounded by dating rumors but it seems the world got it a bit wrong.

The reality star turned supermodel is reportedly off the market and involved in a relationship with none-other than Bieber's best friend, Alfredo Flores. After being friends for years, the 19-year-old stunner is said to be taking her friendship with the 26-year-old photographer to the next level.

Hollywood Life reports that in a move that involved a romantic dinner that swept the model away. 

"Kendall and Alf have always been good friends, so while they only started dating recently, meeting the family was no big deal - Kanye even wants to work on some projects with him," revealed an insider to Heat Magazine (via SugarScape).

It was reported that the friendship blossomed into something more romantic after "Alf" helped the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star with model poses that could assist her in her modeling career. 

"They started spending loads of time together. He helped Kendall perfect her modeling poses and then that turned into dating. Justin helped plan one of the outings - Alfredo hired out part of the LA County Museum of Art and put up a private display of his favorite pictures of Kendall with a romantic dinner," continued the site's source. 

As the relationship is full steam ahead, the insider added that the pair is already planning to head over to Coachella together in April.

Justin Bieber being a good friend of the Jenner sisters and Kanye's respect for Flores' music prowess, it's believed that there is no one against the idea of Kendall and Alf's relationship. 

While it's possible that the up-and-coming young man could be using Jenner's fame as a stepping board to a higher claim to popularity, MStarz reports that's probably not the case. 

"Flores is a very humble, hard-working guy. In a recent interview with, the up-and-coming music video producer explained, 'I kept going when people said 'no' and I'm proud of that and I'm happy about that'." 

In a separate interview with Fox News Latino in Dec. 2013, the New Jersey Native kept it simple and said, "I'm just this kid from Jersey who flew out to L.A. with one dream... If you really want your dreams to come true - if you really want to make them happen - you just have to believe in yourself and you'll be good."

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