Apple, best known for its Macbook, iPad and iPhone line, may be stepping out of its comfort zone to compete in an entirely different industry. Per the Business Insider, an Apple employee has shared that the firm is working on something that could rival Tesla cars. 

The insider reveals that Apple has got something cooking that has caused Tesla employees to want to jump ship. "Apple's latest project is too exciting to pass up," said the alleged employee. "I think it will change the landscape and give Tesla a run for its money."

Confirming the news through professional networking site LinkedIn, the publication continued to report that 50 former Tesla employees, most of which are engineers, are now employed at Apple with specializations in the field of mechanics, manufacturing, and robotics.

Last week, it was reported that a mysterious Apple van was currently cruising the streets of San Francisco as news hit that the Cupertino-based firm is involved in "vehicle development."

Cars or Maps?

It's common knowledge that Steve Jobs envisioned a larger market for Apple and dreamed of developing an iCar in the future. However, per CultofMac, the chances of this being a priority for Apple at the present time is a bit slim. 

While the Apple vehicle spotted (see here) is one that could indicate a new venture for the company, it could also mean Apple is looking to improve its mapping system, reports MacRumors. 

"Given the van's similarity to other mapping vehicles, rumors have suggested that it is likely for an unspecified mapping project. Apple has been working to improve Maps in recent months, and it's possible the company is working on a feature that would compete with Google Street View," noted the publication. 

It's circulating over the internet that Apple could be developing a self-driving car but reports that per Dhruv Batra, an assistant professor at Virginia Tech's Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (via Wired), the system found on the car is similar to that "used to analyze the environment surrounding the car."

Another explanation could be a possible system improvement project that would compliment Apple's services and its device compatibility to vehicle -- possibly a better iPhone-to-car experience. 

With a photo and one supposed employee's news drop, it's pretty hard to say at this point exactly what Apple is cooking up.

What do you think Apple is up to? Do you believe that an iCar is in the works?