Dec 15, 2015 02:00 PM EST

'South Park' Season 20 Spoilers: Set to Premiere on Second Half of September 2016

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"South Park" Season 20, Episode 1 will be airing on 2016 and fans are already eager to know more about the show.

Season 20 is expected to premiere in the second half of September 2016 based on previous debut dates of other seasons. "South Park" Season 17, Episode 1 aired on Sep. 25, 2013, Season 18 premiered on Sep. 24, 2015 and Season 19, Episode 1 aired on Sep. 16, 2015, Yibada noted. With that, the release date of "South Park" Season 20 might also fall on September.

Reports indicate that "South Park" Season 20 will premiere on Wednesday, Sep. 21, 2016 and like previous seasons; it will also address current issues. The upcoming season will have ten episodes and will no longer be split into two parts. The show will air for ten weeks in the fall of 2016.

With how Season 19's plot was made, it is expected that the next season will deal on political issues and other current issues. It is also teased that PC Principal might still appear on the next season. Meanwhile, since Mr. Garrison and Ms. Jenner are running for president on 2016, it would be an interesting episode for the show and will surely treat fans with another "sharp satire," iDigital Times reported.

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To recall, Season 19 ended with an episode that tackles about gun awareness and political correctness. The entire season was about the gentrification of the town wherein a new principal named PC Principal came.

Meanwhile, some fans were speculating that Season 20 might be the last episode of "South Park" but it is apparently not the last season because it is reported that the long running show is renewed through Season 23 in 2019.

It was announced by Comedy Central network president Michele Ganeless that "South Park" Seasons 21, 22, and 23 will be comprised of thirty new episodes and will air through 2019.

"South Park remains the bedrock of Comedy Central and we are thrilled that new episodes will continue to entertain audiences for years to come," said Ganeless according to IGN. "The series remains as urgent and relevant now as the day it premiered and at nearly 20 seasons in it continues to draw generations of new fans."

Fans who want to see the "South Park" Season 19, Episode 10 finale can be watch it online via live stream on and Hulu.

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