Sep 21, 2015 07:00 PM EDT

The Concept of Tactical Urbanism as a Bridge for People and Places

Staff writer

If you have noticed some changes in your neighborhood lately and even on city gathering places, this might be a part of a tactical urbanism. This method aims primarily in making a small part of a city, like streets, block, or building scale, to be more lively and enjoyable for young and adults alike. The origin of the term can be traced back in 2010 which "is defined as small-scale improvements in an effort to effect large-scale, long-term change" and it is attributed primarily to New York-based urban planner Mike Lydon. This technique aims in particular for urban change having in mind an end that would benefit the citizen through "organizational capacity between public-private institutions, non-profits, and their constituents."

Tactical Urbanism may have different impact depending of every people's perspective on the observable changes. But in general, tactical urbanism connects people and places. With the concept of tactical urbanism, changes and designs are being tested before they are given some financial allocations. This technique serves as a factor which brings "public interest and facilitating creative solutions to immediate small-scale problems."

The concept itself is rooted from a social economic event. The recession and shifting demographic led to the strategic intervention which was later on dubbed as tactical urbanism. Some of its many concrete examples are the newly planted trees and bike lanes which in turn engage the community, bring life to families and social ideas.

Tactical Urbanism is considerably on its infancy stage. There are still many things to know and many works to be done. And this work is not just for a one person or a single group. In order for a tactical urbanism to instigate change in the community, certain active participation from the members of the community should be observed. The neighborhood in turn should complement the projects intended for change and beautification in order to make not just the concept of tactical urbanism stronger each day but most especially the urban community in its entirety.

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