Sep 08, 2015 06:04 AM EDT

'Arrow' Season 4 Spoilers: Stephen Amell Wants Ronda Rousey to Guest in the Show; Possible Romance with Oliver?

Staff Reporter

Cast of the TV Series, "Arrow" were the guests of the "Dragon Con," this weekend, and in the Question and Answer one viewer that they are excited about " ships Olicity," which is referring to Ronda Rousey. Stephen Amell reacted and said, "I Ship Rousey."

When Amell was asked if it is possible that the MMA star to guest in "Arrow," here is the response,

" Ronda Rousey could replace me for an episode if she wants! Ronda Rousey can literally do anything she wants at this point ... To me... To the show," Amell explained. Then John Barrowman blurted out, " I'd watch that!"

That would mean that the "Furious 7," co-star is unlikely to guest in the series, but not really impossible. If ever, what would be her role? She can be one of new villain Damien Dahrk's goons that would have a romantic relationship with Oliver? Or she can be one of Thea Speedy's buddy that tries her luck to be a super hero, and still will end up to have a relationship with Oliver. Both options have the same conclusion and seem to be infinite.

 Amell would pressure the creatives to have Oliver a roaming eye in the next season, if Rousey would appear in the show. He will be more vigilant, considering his vigilante attitude is still kept a secret in Star City.

 This season the team will facing H.I.V.E  which is the organization that murdered John Diggle's brother and Damien Darhk (Agent Carter fame and Neal McDonough of "Captain America: The First Avenger")

 "Arrow," season 4, already have ton of awesomeness, as seen in the most currently released trailer. Maybe the show could start collecting signature from the fans to call Rousey to be Green Lantern before the start of the next season? Anyway, Season 4 will start on Octiber 7, Wednesday on CW. 

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