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Consumer Borrowing Soars
  • Best Books That Every Real Estate Agent Should Read
  • Becoming a real estate agent and having a real estate license does not mean that you should stop learning. In fact, since you will be practicing, the more you should learn. Things and trends are changing fast; that is why you should constantly learn.
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Home Prices In March Hit Largest Gain In 7 Years
Sales Of Existing Homes For June Rise 3.6 Percent, Highed Than Expected
Real Estate Agent Show Home Listed For 40 Percent Below Initial Asking
  • Rules For Working With Real Estate Agents
  • Home buying or selling can be stressful, but that doesn't mean that you take it upon your real estate agent. Remember your sister's story about being yelled at by her agent when in her mind she hasn't done anything wrong? Well...
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Haute Living Magazine Presents: Los Angeles Residential Real Estate Summit 2014
Construction Continues At Hobsonville Point
New Zealand House Prices Continue to Rise
  • 5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Real Estate Agent Now
  • Choosing the right real estate agent is very important, but choosing which questions to ask him or her is just as crucial-- if not more. Don't feel hesistant to ask these important questions to the person you are going to entrust the sale of your house with. Find out below!
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April Pending Homes Sales Rise Sharply, To 8 Year High
  • How To Become A Real Estate Agent
  • Usually, people enter the realty world from different backgrounds and stages in their lives. But one important question one must face before actually delving into the field of real estate is, "How do you become a real estate agent?"
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Traditional Opening Of The Tay Salmon Season
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