A new leak posted on various gaming forums claim that "GTA 5 Online" will have an upcoming DLC called Lowlife. Rumors suggest that the upcoming DLC will feature 12 new vehicles, which will be rolled out for free on the game's next update. However, an exclusive GTA forum noted that game developer Rockstar will likely follow a pattern in releasing the upcoming DLC, a report from iDigitalTimes said on Saturday.

The said report noted that the upcoming DLC will be a sequel to the "GTA 5" Hipster DLC, which was released last year. Apparently, game enthusiasts have discovered that the recent "GTA 5" updates this year have similarities to the DLCs released in 2014. The report said that if the speculations were true about the "GTA 5" Hipster DLC, then the recently reported Lowlife update will likely introduce a lot of outfits, accessories, as well as new vehicles.

A related report from Yibada pointed out that the video game's next update will be related to Lamar and stunt racing missions. The reported "GTA 5" Lowlife DLC is said to include 12 new vehicles, namely:

---buccaneer2 = 0xc397f748

---chino2 = 0xaed64a63

---clean voodoo = 0x779b4f2d

---faction2 = 0x95466bdb

---faction3 = 0x866bce26

---moonbeam2 = 0x710a2b9b

---primo2 = 0x86618eda

---sabregt2 = 0x0d4ea603

---slamvan3 = 0x42bc5e19

---tornado5 = 0x94da98ef

---virgo2 = 0xca62927a

---virgo3 = 0x00fdffb0

"The next update could be a combination between Flight School update and Hipster update. The vehicles part from Hipster and the new content (new mission type) part from the Flight School update. It's my speculation. Because if you take a look at Ill-Gotten Gains, it's actually one update but have two parts so it is a combination of High Life update and Business update. The same thing could happen with this 'Low' update," user funmw2, an alleged tipster in the "GTA 5" forums, said, as quoted in the aforementioned website.