Why it is Important to Shop Local For New Windows

Posted by Staff Reporter on Feb 28, 2019 11:05 AM EST
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Old, poorly insulated windows can be deeply frustrating, especially in winter. Not only do they leech heat out and drive up heating bills, they can also leave you unable to enjoy whole rooms in your house.

If you've decided that this is the last winter you will spend curled up next to a space heater to stay warm, and have started to look at what your best window replacement options are, you're probably becoming familiar with some of the most common modern window features, like triple-glazed glass and insulating gasses.

But while it is important to do your research so you can understand how to make a smart purchase, it is also important to remember that window needs change drastically between different regions: the kinds of windows a house needs in Vancouver are very different from what is required in Winnipeg or Oshawa, and purchasing the windows that are right for where you live is necessary if you want to get the best deal.

For this reason, it makes the most sense to get your windows from a local company that understands the particularities of your climate and can help you find the windows that are best suited for providing maximal insulation at minimal cost.  

For example, the price of windows can vary widely based on how many panes the windows contain, what gas is used to insulate them, what material is used in the frame, and what their design style is.

While some of these variables will come down to taste (whether or not you prefer casement windows, single hung or double hung windows, for example), most of them will have to do with what the weather is like where you live.

Not everyone will need triple-glazed windows, for example, just as not all climates require argon insulation between the panes. Finding out what features are essential and what features are optional requires specific expertise about the conditions where you live.

Even a small thing like proximity to a large body of water can have a drastic effect on snowfall and temperature, which in turn will have an impact on what kinds of protection your windows will need.

For those living in the Greater Toronto Area, companies like EcoTech Windows and Doors are ideally situated to help you navigate these questions. With extensive experience sourcing windows from London to Ajax, and St. Catharines to Guelph, Thornhill, and Stouffville, EcoTech understands just how much the climate can change in a few dozen kilometers. For this reason, they are the best company to help you get the windows you need without overspending on unnecessary features.

Take the time to do some research online as well. Whether you're looking to buy a new electric smoker for the backyard or replace your windows, you need to know you're making an educated choice.

If you plan on replacing your old windows this year, don't take any chances: new windows are a major investment, and you'll want to make sure that the ones you buy will protect, insulate, and improve the value of your home for years to come. Purchasing windows from a local company is the only way to ensure that the windows you buy are the best ones for your home.   

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