National Association Of Realtors Issues Existing Home Sales For March
  • Easy Updates For Your Home
  • When doing a home renovation, you can either take it easy or go all out. There are three factors to be considered: time, skill level, and budget. But regardless of those considerations, the main goal is to keep everything simple.
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Increase In Housing Starts At End Of Year Signals Housing Market Recovery
  • 5 Home Improvements To Avoid For Resale
  • There is nothing wrong with improving your home to a level that the household will best enjoy it. But before you make any renovation, it would be wise to first consider how it will contribute to your house's value someday.
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New Homebuilding Fell 24 Percent In 2007, Largest Decline In 17 Years
  • Home Renovations To Invest In This 2015
  • Home renovation, in its very sense, should be a positive thing. When you do a home improvement, you could only expect to profit from this when it's time to sell your home. However, some renovations are better than the other and their profitability vary from year to year.
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Former Home Of Al Capone Refurbished In Miami Beach
  • 5 Easy Ways To Add Character To Your Home
  • There really shouldn't be any reason for you to put up with your home's outdated and sad interior. Home design has become practical and innovative over the years that even those who are not much into home interior could be more involved with giving their very own space an updated look.
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Chelsea Flower Show In Close Up
  • 6 Brilliant Small Front Yard Ideas
  • Just because you have a small front yard doesn't mean that you have an excuse to make it look dull and sad. Your small front yard can look just as beautiful as large ones without having to uproot your driveway or dialing back your front porch.
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Lastres, Asturias. Spain
A sparrow feeds its young as they nest inside a ho
Parachute Market 'AD HOC' Seasonal Design Fair, A Meditation On The Temporary
  • The One Thing That's Missing In A Space That Doesn't Feel Right
  • Are you decorating a room and feel like after arranging all the furniture, hanging the art in, and setting up the vignettes, that something is still not quite right? Like, something is missing, or that it just isn't working? Then maybe it's missing this powerful design tool - a focal point! Apartment Therapy discusses this design key element and why it is important.
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Gov't Incentives Expected To Accelerate Boom In Real Estate Short Sales
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