Above The City: Aerial Views Of New York
One World Trade Center Deemed Tallest Building In North America
Seinfeld: The Apartment Fan Experience
Beach Erosion In South Florida Adds To Concerns About Global Warming
Central Park in Fall Colors
Chicago's Famed Willis Tower, Formerly Sears Tower, Up For Sale
  • Mortgages for Condos Could Be A Lot Easier with New Rules
  • First time homebuyers are often attracted to investing in condominiums being that it is considered as the most affordable option. However, federal rules have not made it easy for them to get mortgages. But that could change with the newly presented rules by the Federal Housing Administration last week, Miami Herald reports.
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Construction Of Luxury Apartments Along The Thames
 Haute Living New York City Real Estate Summit
London Wealth Continues To Grow
  • 4 Reasons NOT To Buy A Condo
  • Condo living is now a huge thing in real estate. More people are seeing this option as their best when moving to a city where high density is the deal, or perhaps moving down and looking at a lock-and-leave lifestyle.
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Mortgage Crisis Rattles Global Financial System
  • 4 Reasons To Buy A Condo
  • Condo living, just like any other setting, comes with its own good and bad sides. For those looking for a lock-and-leave lifestyle, it could be the perfect path to take. But how do you know if it's really right for you?
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Pedestrians walk through a busy New York City park.
Four Seasons Hotel In LA
The Hotel Albert
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