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Online realty portal Housing in advance stages of discussions with rival firm PropTiger for a sale
Commercial & residential real estate prices in Brazil continue to plunge
Chinese real estate buyers becoming more familiar with U.S. market
Top 5 Best real estate trends that you can expect in 2017
Real Estate Pioneer Zillow Enters the Land of Increasing Interest Rates
Top 17 Predictions Made for NYC's Residential Real Estate in 2017
AOC Education Launch
  • Public Schools Popularity Drives Real Estate in Sydney
  • When choosing where to buy a home or where to live, there are many considerations that one should look into. These include important amenities and establishments nearby and accessibility to certain types of services. One of the growing priorities these days in Sydney is the availability of public schools, as more parents prefer to send their children to these schools given their increasing popularity.
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Inequality To Be A Key Election Issue
  • Bank of Mum and Dad is UK’s Top 10 Mortgage Lender
  • House prices in the United Kingdom have increased to sky-high levels that many people are having a hard time keeping up with rental rates, much more purchasing their own homes. For first-time buyers, it is a big challenge to get their foot on the market. But thanks to the Bank of Mum and Dad, they can say goodbye to their renting days.
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Vacancy Rates On Manhattan Commercial Space Rise Sharply
March Existing Home Sales Drop Three Percent
  • Home Price Increases Leave Millennials Seeking Help
  • Across the nation, home prices had increased on a year to year basis by 6.7 percent. This figure included distressed sales compared with figures from March 2015. On a month to month basis, home prices rose by 2.1 percent between February and March 2016.
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