Is Buying a New Home is Similar to Finding Your One True Love?

Posted by Staff Reporter ( on May 05, 2016 06:10 AM EDT
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Finding a new home from a roster of houses for sale in the market is quite similar to looking for your one true love - it isn't easy. While you may find yourself thinking of your needs and wants in a home (or a partner), you may suddenly find yourself steering away from the things on the list and you realize that you are attracted to this particular home for sale. Should you trust your gut or do you go with your list?

Looking for a new home and finding your one true love are pretty much similar when it comes to the manner of looking for one. Most people (if not all) often have certain features and characteristics in mind when looking for a home and a partner. notes that it is always best to start with this list of must-haves before looking for homes in the real estate market. This sets your intention for the entire process of home searching.

Once you have already begun your search for a new house, you may find that there is not one single home in the market that matches everything you want and need in a home. See the similarities in love and real estate? This is where compromise kicks in and this is also where your intuition comes into the picture.

When you realize that you do not see anything on the market that fits your needs, then this may be a sign for you to listen to your gut and see which houses attract you. This might be your intuition telling you to go with what makes you happy. The same could also be said for those times when you enter a home and you just feel that something is not right.

As previously reported here on Realty Today, regretting your choice and not listening to your gut may result to buyer's remorse. In order to avoid regretting your home purchase, it is advisable to think of the pros and cons of getting your home before you rush into signing the contract with the seller.

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