Tiny Bedroom Design: How to Maximize Your Space

Posted by Staff Reporter (media@realtytoday.com) on May 03, 2016 07:50 AM EDT
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Do you have a small bedroom which you find difficult to design or make it more appealing? We have some helpful tiny bedroom design tips and ideas for you.

Use White Ceilings

Since you have a small room, you need to make it look more spacious. You can paint your ceiling white to make your room seem taller than it really is, says Freshome.

Incorporate a Predominantly White Color Motif

As seen from House and Garden photographs, besides the ceilings, you may likewise use predominantly white items like bed covers, pillows and even cabinets. White makes your room seem more spacious, and clean, making your room an ideal place to rest.

Include a Vibrant Tone

Taking into account the photographs on the sites, you may paint your walls with light shades of yellow to give your small room a bright glow. You can use shades of violet or lilac to create some contrast as well.

Use Green for a Relaxing Atmosphere

You may decorate your walls with green designs, as seen in some photos from the aforementioned sites. Green is a relaxing shade, and it helps soother our body and mind, making our room an ideal place for relaxation. It also promotes good well-being.

Use Sheer Curtains

Allowing natural light into your room helps make your space look brighter and bigger. Dark rooms give the illusion that the space is smaller. Besides that, the sunshine can help boost your mood. You can do away with the curtains during early mornings to create an effect that there's no boundary between your room and the outdoors.

Use Smart Storage

Make sure that you have enough smart storage in your room. If you have enough money, have your cabinets customized to get rid of awkward spaces. With this, you can enhance the space of your room, however little it might be.

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