Home Energy-Saving Tips: Cut Off on Electricity and Charge Your Phone Using a Plant

Posted by Staff Reporter (media@realtytoday.com) on May 02, 2016 07:10 AM EDT
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Did you know that there is another way for you to charge your phone without using electricity? This option is quite absurd, but it's actually pretty useful and beneficial.

According to Elle Décor, you can also charge your mobile devices using a plant that was created by the Barcelona-based company Arkyne Technologies. The plant, which is called Bioo Lite, is able to produce electricity from a plant's natural process of photosynthesis. The technology that can be found in the plant is also pretty impressive because it boasts of an organic molecular decomposition, active anaerobic microorganisms and biological nanowires.

According to Yahoo Tech, "Photosynthesis uses sunshine to swap C02 and water into oxygen and organic compounds. The bacteria in the pot breaks apart the compounds and releases electrons that travel through nanowires, resulting in electricity that can power a typical USB port."

The system also collects electricity throughout the day and night, which Bioo Lite says it can use to charge your phone or tablet up to three times a day. All you have to do is plug the USB cable into a rock-like pod found in the pot.

At present, Bioo Lite is already available in color white, and it costs $113 on Indiegogo. However, products will only be shipped from the United States to other parts of the world starting December of this year. The pot also comes in several other colors like red, yellow, pink and black. Remember, the best way to ensure that the charger will always work is if the plant is also always kept alive, according to Design Taxi.

Now that you have some information regarding this very unique plant charger, it's now time for you to decide whether or not this is something that you would love to purchase. If yes, go place your orders now.

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