Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for 2016: Single Themed Rooms Says Goodbye

Posted by Staff Reporter ( on Dec 14, 2015 05:30 AM EST
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UNDATED FILE PHOTO: An interior space from the Miami home of murdered designer Gianni Versace. Sotheby's is auctioning the collection of Versace's furnishings that include his fine art, antiques, and entire suites of furniture designed by Versace himself, from April 5-7, in New York City. (Photo courtesy of Sotheby's/Newsmakers) (Photo : Sotheby's/Newsmakers/Getty Images)

Modern interiors will continue to dominate the home decorating industry with interesting materials and multiple-themed rooms up for grabs in the upcoming 2016. Fresh and inspiring home decorating ideas will lean into the natural, metallic and dramatic hues, bringing back some of the design inspirations from the 1950s up to the 1980s.

Lushome shares that the interior decorating industry will still veer toward the modern style and will make it even more interesting by adding texture and color to its design palette. Colors schemes will still stick with the black and white theme but include touches of dramatic and bright colors, bringing an impressive ambiance inside bedrooms. Neon hues and cool striking LED lights will also be used to maintain that smooth glow perfect in attaining a relaxing mood inside bedrooms.

House Beautiful also opens up with the idea of bringing texture back inside the homes, from the living rooms up to the sleeping areas. Natural horns for bedroom focal points, taxidermy, stuffed animals and skins of animals are reportedly interesting pieces that will be seen inside stylish bedrooms this 2016. Ethnic colors and decorating accents will also be plenty, creating a dated look for classic styles that homeowners would want to maintain inside their rooms. Mirrors will also be popular, as they create the illusion of space for small rooms and provide a more grandeur effect for bigger spaces.

Ceilings will also be paid attention to. Interesting and intricately designed LED lights that brings style and functionality inside bedrooms will be brought back. Flowers in different sizes and dramatic shades will also be ideal textiles used in bedroom décor and furniture.

Metallic colors and home decors are also going to dominate this 2016's bedroom decorating ideas. Sparse corners will be decorated with chairs in metal or natural occurring materials like bamboo and wood. Desks inside rooms will also be back, paving the way for classically conceptualized but modernly designed cabinets and drawers' return in 2016.

Function will also remain to be one of the focuses in design trends this 2016. However, boring monotonous themes will be updated with lines, colors, metallic hues and intricate lightings in the upcoming new year.

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