New Building Standards Proposed to Make New York City More Resilient

Posted by Rapti Gupta on Jun 14, 2013 10:57 AM EDT
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 Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn more big
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced 33 proposals of improving building standards in order to make the city more resilient. (Photo : Reuters)

In a recent press conference held June 13, 2013, 33 proposals were brought forward in order to make New York City more resilient by using better and improvised building standards.

The new proposals were suggested by the Building Resiliency Task Force, a panel of 200 architects, landlords, city officials, attorneys and builders that were formed after the deadly Hurricane Sandy tore the city apart in 2012. Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Christine C. Quinn released the suggestion report with Russell Unger,  executive director of the Urban Green Council, which managed the Task Force. They made the announcement at the CityLights Building in Long Island City, reports Bloomberg.

The proposals address a wide range of buildings that include family homes, commercial properties, single and multi-family homes and hospitals as well. These suggestions include stretching building standards and making them safe and durable. Apparently, the new standard hopes to raise the bar of construction quality and degree.

New homes will now be required to be built at a raised level. Other measures include power failure backups, availability of drinking water in common public areas, stabilize interiors temperatures of the house and efficient management of toxic wastes. Moving electric appliances to higher levels of the home and building light colored roofs for cooler temperature have also been proposed, reports Newsday.

Experts understand that any kind of disaster is inevitable and the city must not only recover quickly but also prepare for them so as to prevent maximum damage.

"Strengthening our City's infrastructure today will save billions of dollars in the future and will save lives. The Task Force report provides the city with a clear direction on how to make our buildings more resilient and helps us protect our businesses and our homes. I want to thank Mayor Bloomberg and the members of the Task Force for all their work," Speaker Christine C. Quinn said in the press meet.

"Another Sandy is inevitable, and New York isn't ready. But it can be. The Task Force recommendations are tangible and economically achievable steps that will prepare our citizens, buildings and city for future extreme weather events. We look forward to working with Mayor Bloomberg, Speaker Quinn and the next administration to protect all New Yorkers and avoid billions of dollars in costs," Unger, Executive Director of the Urban Green Council and Task Force Chair added.

The aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy are still wearing out. While the NYC government is taking elaborate measures to withstand a major catastrophe, the government of New Jersey is gearing up to launch the Stronger New Jersey Business Loan Program that will provide $100 million worth relief to business owners for expansion or restarting business, reports ABC News.

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