Proposed Reality Show in Justin Bieber’s Calabasas Neighborhood Infuriates Residents

Posted by Rapti Gupta on Apr 25, 2013 09:01 AM EDT
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An Aerial view of Calabasas, Californiamore big
An Aerial view of Calabasas, California Farrah Abraham was spotted home hunting. The community is celeb studded with the likes of Justin Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian and the Jackson family shacking up there. (Photo : brewbooks / Flickr)

A prospective reality show that proposes to film life in the celeb studded neighborhood of Calabasas, California, has reportedly infuriated some of the inhabitants. Calabasas is home to many celebrities like Keyshawn Johnson, Travis Barker, Kourtney Kardashian, the Jackson family, Justin Bieber and many others.

According to TMZ, a reality TV show producer is trying to shoot a show in the gated and private community of Calabasas to show how the rich actually live. The residents received a newsletter informing them about a fresh, new documentary film with the working title of "Calabasas 91302" that will be shot on willing families or celebrities.

The newsletter acquired by TMZ reads:

"We are casting a fresh, new docu-series with the working title of "CALABASAS 91302". This docu-series gives the viewer an inside look at the true Calabasas life and that it entails!"

Furthermore, the newsletter also mentioned requirements and eligibilities for a family or individual to  appear in the film:

"We are looking to focus on a total of four to five families who portray the typical Calabasas family. The parents and kids are busy, it's competitive lifestyle and they are keeping up with everything around them. Elaborate family vacations, sports, lessons for their kids from everything from music to football, travelling the country, looking at colleges, tutors....these competitive families push everything in their lives to the limit.

If you are that family, interesting, lots of excitement in your day-to-day lives and want to be part of an original, fun reality show, we want to hear from you.  Please write two paragraphs describing why you are the perfect Calabasas family along with a recent family photo"

However, the producer's plan may not really work out. Apparently, if the producer tries to shoot in the community he would be violating "privacy rules", according to a copy of the rules and regulations for the Oaks of Calabasas Homeowners Association acquired by TMZ.

Apart from celebrities, other residents are also infuriated by the prospect. One of the residents said that 'filming a show on the community showed' that they had 'poor taste and were invasive'.

Meanwhile, a feature on Zimbio reads:

"There are a few things wrong with this idea. First of all, "91302" does little to match the sexy sound of 90210. Two, we're pretty sure the reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians already exhausted this idea."

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