Sky City in China to be Built in 90 days

Posted by Staff writer on Jan 01, 2013 09:58 AM EST
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The Chinese Skyscraper bandwagon will soon add the tallest building of the world to its leaguemore big
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The Chinese are known for their efficiency and hard work and true to form a construction firm of the country, Broad Group, has announced a feat that is almost impossible to believe.

Broad Group has declared that it will build the tallest skyscraper of the world in just 90 days, reports EarthSky.

Currently, The Burj Khalifa, that stands at 2772 feet is the tallest man made building in the world. The contemplated Sky City is expected to take over the crown of "the Tallest Building in The world" from the Dubai building.

Sky City One will apparently be located in Changsha city, Capital of Hunan Province, which is situated in the heart of South China. The building is expected to scale up to 838 meters, almost 10 meters higher than Burj Khalifa, reports The Business Insider.

The Broad Group already has some amazing constructions to its credit. The group completed a 3 story building in just nine days and a 30 story building in 15 days. The group now expects to take on the construction on the tallest building in about 90 days.

The Sky City One building is expected to have 104 elevators and 174,000 apartments on 220 floors. The building will be used for mixed purposes ranging from retail to luxury living and low cost living space. The building will also be earthquake resistant. The building will also sport observation decks on the upper level, reports Business Insider.

The secret to Broad Group's rapid construction rate is revealed to be "Prefabrication", where almost 95 percent of the building's needs will be assembled beforehand in a modular form, reports Huffington Post.

Sky City One will also be constructed with a lot lesser investment than that of the Burj Khalifa. The Burj Khalifa was constructed at $450 per square foot, while the Sky City will only take $63 per square foot, reports EarthSky.

The building has already received government approval and is slated for completion by early 2013. Broad Group announced that construction will start in January 2013 and is therefore, expected to be completed by early April or late March, explains Wikipedia.

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