A Smarter Way to Look at Security: SwannOne’s Simple DIY Smart Home Control Kit

Posted by Staff Reporter (media@realtytoday.com) on Aug 27, 2015 07:45 AM EDT
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Home burglary is still one of the leading crimes in the United States. You need to protect your home at all times, especially if you live in one of the most dangerous states. But, you can't be home every single day nor be awake for 24 hours. So, how can you be sure that your home is safe? The answer is quite simple, get SwannOne's Simple DIY Internet Based Home Security.

SwannOne offers various equipment to make sure that your house is safe. You can monitor your house as well as set and trigger alarms with just the tip of your fingertips.

For just $500-$800, you can protect your house with the latest smart home security technology that can be controlled through your smartphones.

The complete kit of smart home security technology from SwannOne may cost you $800. Pricey? Yes, but you can already get a lot of device from this kit. The complete $800 kit includes:

Smart Hub. The main brain of the whole smart security system that can be connected to your router to enable access of your whole smart security system via your smartphone. It also has a built in microphone that records sounds and alerts you if someone is breaking your glass window or doors. A built in battery provides back-up should the main power drop out, while a handy USB port lets you recharge phones and other USB devices.

Motion Sensors. Uses passive infrared technology to identify any movement in a certain area. Supplied with two AAA batteries and 3M CommandTM strips to enable easy installation & relocation.

SoundView Indoor Camera. With 720p high definition video and night vision, it can function as a standalone security system, or as part of your SwannOne connected home system. 

Window and Door Sensor. Combines with the SwannOne Smart Hub to monitor entrances to your home, alerting you via the SwannOne app, or triggering an audible alarm.

Key Fob. Using the buttons on the Key Fob you will be able to activate the four different modes of your SwannOne system - Home, Away, Sleep and Custom.

All Security devices developed by SwannOne can be operated through your smartphone with the use of the Smart Hub connection to the router. For more information about their product, you may visit their site.

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