Simon Cowell's X-Factor: House Healer to Cleanse his Mansion

Posted by Kristyan Morgan on Sep 26, 2012 07:31 AM EDT
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Simon Cowell hires a house healer. (Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

Television mogul Simon Cowell has a lot of things to worry about – sliding American "X Factor" ratings, his own autobiography that had many celebrities seething and now singer Cheryl Cole’s autobiography, which promises to clear the air on what went on with Cowell.

So it comes as no surprise that he's turned to an unusual source to help him get his life back on track. Cowell has reportedly employed a "house healer" to get rid of the negative energy in his Beverley Hills mansion.

“The healer brings in good energy. Someone told me about it. It takes a couple of days,” Cowell shared with his Twitter followers.

House healer Sandra Kendrew feels that Cowell’s excessive use of gadgets could have led to electromagnetic stress in his home.

“The bad energy in his house may have had an effect on his immune system and led to him feeling ground down," she told the Daily Mail. "House healers can dissipate bad energy caused by wireless internet or the earth’s geopathic energy. This can be done remotely or with a divining rod. I’m not surprised someone like Simon could feel bad energy.”

Meanwhile, Cowell’s decision to hire a house healer has invited criticism from various quarters.

“Getting someone to heal your house? You are turning into a right LA crystal-gazing dipstick. Sort yourself man, you’re British,” the Mirror quoted a fan.

The Mirror’s Polly Hudson wrote in her column that the job of a celebrity is to entertain and Cowell is doing just that through his house healing tactic.

“Hiring a house healer isn’t 'normal,' but that’s exactly why it’s the kind of thing I want Simon to be doing,” she said. 

However, believers say that cleansing the house can help sell the house quickly and residents have reported to feeling better - both physically and emotionally.

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