How proximity affects the value of your home

Posted on Sep 18, 2017 11:06 AM EDT
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How proximity affects the value of your home

There are many different factors that are taken into consideration when deciding the value of your home, firstly you will have to look at factors that could boost the property value, this can include being close to any public transportation such as bus stations, railway stations or airports. If your property is within a walking distance of local transportation it could be worth up to 17% more than similar homes that are further away.

Some more things you will have to take into consideration is the factors that could lower your property value. For example, being near recycling centres, Noisy neighbours and power plants. Homes near power plants are generally worth 4-7% less than they would otherwise be. Please see some more great facts on how proximity affects the value of your home with this great infographic from, Aston James property surveyors London.

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