2015 General Election - Housing
  • Mortgage Denial Rate Decreases, Home Ownership More Accessible To All Americans
  • According to Zillow's recent analytics on mortgage approvals and homeownership categorized by race, eased up mortgage restrictions may have made it possible for more Americans to own a home. However, minorities may still have a difficult time achieving a convetional home loan. Last year, blacks comprise 12% of United State households, but just 3% of conventional loan applicants, and just 2.5% of those approved. Similar disparity applies to the Hispanic population.
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2015 General Election - Housing
 Vacancy Rate For U.S. Apartments Reaches Highest Rate In 20 Years
Edinburgh Aerial Views
Frankfurt City Skyline
2015 General Election - Housing
Clasped Hands
Premiere Of Park Hyatt New York
Interest Rate Cut Cited To Boost Australian Housing Boom
August Existing Home Sales Drop To Lowest Level In 7 Months
One World Trade Center's Observatory Tower Opens To Public
Red And Green Lights Adorn The Empire State Buidling For Christmas
Birchbox Celebrates The Opening Of The Birchbox Flagship Store In NYC
Hamptons Magazine and Bespoke Real Estate Host a VIP Dinner
2015 General Election - Housing
  • Homebuyer Survey Outcome: Agents and Home Sellers Guide
  • National Association of Realtors' most useful research projects include their yearly survey of homebuyers and sellers. It's important as it helps sellers and their agents identify effective strategies and what sources buyers are using when looking for a home to buy, Realty Times reports.
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