Elvis Presley's Beverly Hills Home Is For Sale
Manulife Financial LPGA Classic - Final Round
  • Manulife US REIT to tap Singapore’s IPO Market
  • Real estate market is one of the places where investors see some security for their money. Amid a weak global economy and falling oil prices that affected many countries, investors want to safeguard their investment by divesting into the property market. Manulife could take advantage of this.
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Vacancy Rates On Manhattan Commercial Space Rise Sharply
Housing Report Suggests Rising Rents Could Lead To Home Market Turnaround
  • US Rental Market Sputtering
  • The research was conducted by Axiometrics and it found that the average rent for off campus school housing, which many new graduates would opt in their first months of finding a job, cost about $533 near the University of Florida campus. In nearby Florida State University, the cost of rent was at $536. In comparison, the average room rental for March in Miami was at $1,000. In Orlando, one room sets back an individual at $651 and in the Tampa- St. Petersburg area, the cost is at $657.
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China Daily Life
  • China's Impact on Global Real Estate
  • While much of the business is in mergers and acquisitions, especially in the agribusiness sector, Chinese purchases of real estate properties and/or interests have made a splash in the global real estate market. Amongst the purchases were the $13 billion spent for Starwood Hotels &Resorts Worldwide Inc. The total volume for the quarter had already surpassed $16 billion.
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General Scenes Of Sydney Property As Government Faces Pressure To Change Rules On Negative Gearing
Shanghai Composite Index Shed 1.28% Close To 2,900 Points
Luxury Homes In San Francisco Average $2.7 Million
  • Prices of Luxury Homes on the Decline
  • The study differentiated homes in the top 10 percent of ZIP codes in each metropolitan city is deemed as the 'luxury market'. Comparatively, the bottom 10 percent of ZIP Codes in the same metropolitan city is deemed as the 'entry-level-market."
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Cornish Town Holds Second Home Referendum
  • Can Your Parents Help You Afford a Home in Vancouver?
  • Canada's house prices are still on the upward movement despite reports that they already surpassed economic fundamentals and houses in the country are already overvalued. Will the next generation still be able to afford a home in their home city such as Vancouver?
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US New Home Sales Rise To Highest Level In Seven Years
U.S.Treasury To Insure Money Market Mutual Funds
  • Real Estate Investment: How to Spot the Next Booming Neighborhoods
  • Investing in the real estate is much like investing in the stock market – no one really knows when the market will rise or when it will crash. In the case of real estate investment, investors are often on the lookout for houses in neighborhoods that are likely to boom or gentrify within the next five or 10 years. How do you spot the next booming neighborhoods in the country?
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Google Builds Computing Center In Oregon
  • Would Investing in Portland Real Estate Be a Good Idea?
  • There are many factors to consider when deciding on investing in real estate. There is the matter of mortgage rate, interest rates, local economies as well as real estate prices. Now, being in a borderless economy, even international trade and political views affect market fluctuations.
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Cyclone Zoe Devastates Remote Island Of Anuta
  • Is a Private Island a Good Real Estate Investment?
  • Many people are purchasing real estate properties as a means of diversifying their portfolio. While a home can definitely increase your assets and help you save up for your retirement, is a private island considered a good real estate investment? Or will buying one only lead to more costs?
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Luxury Homes In San Francisco Average $2.7 Million
  • Bank's Losses Increase in Commercial Real Estate
  • The fourth quarter CRE loss rates, which is the annualized charges as a percentage of average loan balances, is now being reviewed by regulators recently. This is part of the oversight on financial institutions' activities that are related to commercial real estate loans. The oversight was instituted to prevent the market crash recently experienced by the real estate market.
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Devon Seaside Village To Be Sold For £10 Million
  • Should You Buy a Real Estate Property Now in the UK?
  • The real estate property market of the United Kingdom has been experiencing a boom but experts say it may soon come to an end. House prices across the country have declined except in London and the East. Would it be the best time to purchase a home in the U.K.?
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