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  • Buying a New House? 6 Tips on What to Avoid When Purchasing a Property
  • Credit scores getting better, receiving a pay raise, and mortgage rates hitting rock bottom; these are just some of the reasons you should be buying your new house. But, there are some serious road bumps on your way to be a happy camper if you aren't judicious enough to know the pitfalls and the red flags. Here are some tips you should ponder on.
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  • Find Out If You Are Ready for Refinancing
  • In simple terms, refinancing is asking a lender to reconstruct your existing mortgage terms to obtain a more favorable one. While you get to have new mortgage terms, your original loan is also paid off in the process.
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Places To Visit - Canary Islands
The salary you must earn to buy a home in 27 metros
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  • 10 Cheapest Cities to Live in America
  • Livability, one of the leading resources when it comes to researching communities on the web, has come up yet again of their list of the most affordable cities to live. In caveat, the ten cities which made the list are not the cheapest per se but more like the best places to live in terms of affordability to the quality of living ratio.
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  • Thriving New York Hotel Market Posing Problems?
  • As constructions of new hotels in the Big Apple are underway, and plans of building more were already laid out, the hotel market boom could also be laying out trouble for the City. It seems like the New York hotel sector is architecting its own downfall.
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