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Exploring Southern California's Top Landmarks
Home Sales Rise in Sao Paulo, Brazil's Biggest Real Estate Market
   Residential Property Ahead Of House Price Index
Home Prices Rise Sharply In May
Construction In Ottawa
Super Bowl XLIX - Preview
  • Phoenix As Top 8 City With Affordable Homes
  • Metro Phoenix's ace card in calling out new residents has always been its averagely affordable home prices. Their home prices may continue to climb, but they are still way too much of a bargain when compared to the most parts of Cali, Denver, LA, and Seattle. Metro Phoenix is the 8th in the list of US' most affordable cities to buy a house in.
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New Condo Construction Ahead Of Housing Starts
Pershing Square in downtown L.A.
Sears store entrance
  • 'Sears' Canada Posts Profit on Property Sales
  • Sears Canada Inc., one of the most notable Canadian department store chains, has already posted their quarterly profit. According to the data, the profit has improved a bit by lowering its cost and at the same time, a one-time gain on sale of properties.
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Tenants Move In To Blairs GBP3.6m Property
View of downtown Seattle with Space Needle
The Growing Economy Of Dubai
Prices Of New Homes Rise, As Sales Fall Slightly
2015 General Election - Housing
Housing Prices Continue To Fall
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