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Wells Fargo Holds Homebuyers Assistance Program
  • Secure Paying a House Down Payment with Assistance Programs
  • Paying a down payment is an important step in securing the legal authority of a property and for some homebuyers obtaining the money for this said payment is not easy. Realtor defines what are the other avenues that can help homebuyers apply for assistance to secure the money for a downpayment.
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Bill De Blasio Makes Announcement On New Plan For Affordable Housing
Obama Hosts Live Tumblr Q&A On Student Debt And Education
  • Student Loan Debt And Home Mortgage: Should You Buy A Home While Carrying Student Debt?
  • The challenge is real when you are a first time home buyer trying to find a good deal in a market where rents keep rising and low value homes become scarce in many areas, add the high amount of money you still owe to your student loan. This is primarily why many potential buyers assume that home ownership is something they cannot afford. However, recent studies show that college graduates with student debt are actually minimally affected by their remaining loan when trying to own a home.
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America Celebrates Halloween
Tropical Storm Andrea Bares Down On Florida
89th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
NYC City Council Bill Aims To Reduce Energy Usage By Limiting Lighting Of Empty Buildings At Night
Housing Sales Decline As Market Cools
Economic Downturn Hits Once-booming Silicon Valley
Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline To Run From Canada To Gulf Of Mexico
Molson Indy
2015 General Election - Housing
  • Mortgage Denial Rate Decreases, Home Ownership More Accessible To All Americans
  • According to Zillow's recent analytics on mortgage approvals and homeownership categorized by race, eased up mortgage restrictions may have made it possible for more Americans to own a home. However, minorities may still have a difficult time achieving a convetional home loan. Last year, blacks comprise 12% of United State households, but just 3% of conventional loan applicants, and just 2.5% of those approved. Similar disparity applies to the Hispanic population.
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2015 General Election - Housing
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