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AOC Education Launch
  • Public Schools Popularity Drives Real Estate in Sydney
  • When choosing where to buy a home or where to live, there are many considerations that one should look into. These include important amenities and establishments nearby and accessibility to certain types of services. One of the growing priorities these days in Sydney is the availability of public schools, as more parents prefer to send their children to these schools given their increasing popularity.
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Inequality To Be A Key Election Issue
  • Bank of Mum and Dad is UK’s Top 10 Mortgage Lender
  • House prices in the United Kingdom have increased to sky-high levels that many people are having a hard time keeping up with rental rates, much more purchasing their own homes. For first-time buyers, it is a big challenge to get their foot on the market. But thanks to the Bank of Mum and Dad, they can say goodbye to their renting days.
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Vacancy Rates On Manhattan Commercial Space Rise Sharply
March Existing Home Sales Drop Three Percent
  • Home Price Increases Leave Millennials Seeking Help
  • Across the nation, home prices had increased on a year to year basis by 6.7 percent. This figure included distressed sales compared with figures from March 2015. On a month to month basis, home prices rose by 2.1 percent between February and March 2016.
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Credit Crunch Threatens Economy
China Daily Life
  • China's Impact on Global Real Estate
  • While much of the business is in mergers and acquisitions, especially in the agribusiness sector, Chinese purchases of real estate properties and/or interests have made a splash in the global real estate market. Amongst the purchases were the $13 billion spent for Starwood Hotels &Resorts Worldwide Inc. The total volume for the quarter had already surpassed $16 billion.
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Global Markets Continue Last Week's Steep Decline
Visa Plans Largest IPO In U.S. History
Luxury Homes In San Francisco Average $2.7 Million
  • Prices of Luxury Homes on the Decline
  • The study differentiated homes in the top 10 percent of ZIP codes in each metropolitan city is deemed as the 'luxury market'. Comparatively, the bottom 10 percent of ZIP Codes in the same metropolitan city is deemed as the 'entry-level-market."
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Cornish Town Holds Second Home Referendum
  • Can Your Parents Help You Afford a Home in Vancouver?
  • Canada's house prices are still on the upward movement despite reports that they already surpassed economic fundamentals and houses in the country are already overvalued. Will the next generation still be able to afford a home in their home city such as Vancouver?
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US New Home Sales Rise To Highest Level In Seven Years
Los Angeles Population Growth Continues At Torrid Pace
  • Real Estate News: Millennials are Moving to the Suburbs
  • Millennials comprise the majority of would-be homebuyers, which is why several companies are on the look out for buyers coming from this generation. A recent report shows, however, that millennials are no longer choosing to live in main cities and are instead moving to the suburbs. What are the implications of their move?
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Google Builds Computing Center In Oregon
  • Would Investing in Portland Real Estate Be a Good Idea?
  • There are many factors to consider when deciding on investing in real estate. There is the matter of mortgage rate, interest rates, local economies as well as real estate prices. Now, being in a borderless economy, even international trade and political views affect market fluctuations.
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Credit Crunch Threatens Economy
  • Slight Increase in Interest Rates Causes a Drop in Mortgage Applications
  • A lot of buyers have been flocking the market in this busy spring home buying season because of the low mortgage rates. While a lot of people are taking advantage of the rates nearing its lowest in three years, a recent report shows that there was a drop in the number of mortgage applications because of a slight increase in the interest rates.
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Luxury Homes In San Francisco Average $2.7 Million
  • Bank's Losses Increase in Commercial Real Estate
  • The fourth quarter CRE loss rates, which is the annualized charges as a percentage of average loan balances, is now being reviewed by regulators recently. This is part of the oversight on financial institutions' activities that are related to commercial real estate loans. The oversight was instituted to prevent the market crash recently experienced by the real estate market.
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