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Fortress Circling Stuyvesant Town Brings Sale Closer
A D.R. Horton Inc. Development Ahead Of New Home Sales Data
Increase In Council Houses Being Bought Through Right To Buy
Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota
US New Home Sales Rise To Highest Level In Seven Years
Retailers Feel The Pinch Amid Talks Of A Global Financial Crisis
Luxury Homes In San Francisco Average $2.7 Million
George W. Bush Waits for Ruling In Texas Mansion
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  • Very Helpful Home Buying Checklist and Trends
  • Buying a home is not only a huge financial decision but it taps the emotional side too. The property that is going to be purchased can be a family heirloom and an investment that many generations can benefit from. For first time buyers, choosing what to get can an daunting and more often than not, can and will affect the buyer to shy away from buying a property. Owning a property has its own pros and cons, and if someone is not aware of what to look for while buying a property can or acquire a property that is not fit for their need.
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Hollywood Sign Repainting Project Completed With LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
US Home Prices Post Largest Gain Since 2005
  • House Price Index Surges Up Faster Than Expected, A Good Sign According to Housing Federal Agency
  • Within a year, from April 2014 to April 2015, house prices went up by 5.3% as reported by Realtor through the Federal Housing Finance Agency bumping the house price index up at .3% for two consecutive months. The positive change is felt more in the Mid-Atlantic division at +2.3% and the Pacific area (Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California) at +7.5%. According to an economist, the rate increase is higher than what would be considered normal, because of the high demand and limited supply.
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Real Estate Brokers Lead Bus Tour Of Foreclosed Homes In Vegas Area
Markets React To Fed Announcement On Interest Rates
First Anniversary Of Help To Buy
  • Five Things To Know Before Buying A House
  • In the same way as other different mortgage holders, inquiring about the home that is about to be purchased, what to search for in a house and area, what sort of home loan to get, programs for first-time homebuyers, what to ask the merchants, et cetera are a must. However, regardless of what is to be learned, there are small and often missed things in the home buying process that should be carefully taken into consideration.
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Foreclosure Filings Spike Upward Nationwide
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