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Iggy Azalea and Nick Young's new house
Debra Messing's home
Firehouse from Princess Diaries
Lauren Bacall
Palazzo di Amore (Palace of Love)
Steve Nash's home
Michael Strahan
Stacey Snider's home
Michal Handzuš  home
Andrew Friedman's house
Senior Citizen
  • Top 7 Aging Cities of America (LIST)
  • Currently, about 12 percent of the world's population is aged 60 years or above. In the United States, more so, about 27 percent of the population will reach 60 years or cross it by 2050. A major demographic in the country is rapidly aging and Forbes has compiled a list of cities that have the most graying population.
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Herb Strather, the man who purchased the
Jeff Gordon's ranch
Jason Bateman's home
Scooter Braun's house
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