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Editorial Leadership

David Enwright

Co-Founder & CEO

David Enwright
David is the Co-Founder and CEO of Realtytoday. responsible for strategic direction and operations. David Enwright has 7+ years experience in the Real Estate Industry specialized in professional real estate investors identify properties, prepare and negotiate offers and facilitate closings. David graduated from City University of New York with a degree in English: Creative Writing. David enjoys poetry, sailing, fishing, hunting, and golfing.

Patti Dizon


Patti Dizon
Patti Dizon has served as a former managing editor under The Athena Network and APAC, an editorial associate in Medicomm Pacific, Inc., and owner of Spoonful of Sugar, and a editor at RealtyToday.com. She is very passionate about business development, real estate, branding, sales and marketing fields.

Michael Weaver

Copy Editor

Michael Weaver
Michael is a copy-editor at Realtytoday. Michael has over 10 years of copy-editor experience in the marketing and custom publishing industries. As a graduate of University of Connecticut, he has a strong background in creative writing. In addition to being a grammar nerd, he's enthusiastic about film, music, reading and technology.


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